Strategies for Success

We are a community bank that focuses on business banking, mortgage banking, and wealth management. We build value for shareholders by providing relationship-based financial services to small and mid-sized businesses, business owners, their employees and professionals. The key elements of our strategy include:

  • Providing individualized, high-level customer service.  We provide a high level of customer service to establish and maintain long-term relationships.  We believe that many of our competitors emphasize retail banking or focus on large companies, leaving the small and mid-sized business market underserved. Our consistent focus on the needs of such small and mid-sized businesses allows us to compete effectively in this market segment. 
  • Diversification of products and services.  We offer a wide variety of banking, mortgage banking, and wealth management products and services to meet the financial needs of our customers, establish new relationships and expand our business opportunities.  We seek to leverage our existing relationships by cross-selling our products and services. 
  • Expand opportunistically.  We emphasize organic growth within the markets that we serve and look to opportunistically expand into new lines of business and attractive markets.  Organic growth in North Dakota is an emphasis as we believe in the viability of the energy and agricultural industries over the long term. In Arizona, our organic growth focuses on small businesses and the SBA arena.  We are also willing to opportunistically grow through acquisitions.
  • Managing risk.  Community banking is faced with several forms of inherent risk. We strive to manage risk by balancing the potential costs of various risks and the various rewards of banking opportunities.
  • Emphasize deposit growth.  Growing low-cost core deposits is a key strategy. Our platforms and technology offers us a strategic opportunity to deliver high-level deposit services to the businesses and professionals we serve and permits us to attract funds at a low cost.